Breeder of Quality Cornish and Devon Rex Cats in the UK

Welcome to Rastakeshi. We are based in the UK close to the A1 network and easily accessible to the North, South, East and West. We occasionally have kittens born under our Felis Britannica name of Takeshi.
Our Cornish Rex breeding program works closely with other breeders around the world to ensure no outcross or closely bred matings are necessary to progress the breed.

All our kittens are born and reared in our home, are used to children and dogs and are very lively, fun loving little babies, who crave for attention and will love you forever. They are naturally curious and instantly alert to rustles and anything new. These nosey cats will insist on looking in the shopping bags and remove everything from the bin if allowed. A cat who craves human companionship will give you pleasure beyond belief.

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Latest News

Cornish and Devon Rex Kittens planned for early 2020

Please email or telephone for further information. Our kitten page will be updated with news very soon

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